What Makes A Great Job Recruiter?

What Makes A Behavioral Health Staffing Recruiter Great

In recent years, recruitment has grown to be one of the key activities of any business. Companies have understood that their good work and progress are closely linked to an efficient recruitment process. The world is changing and implicitly the labor market. It changes the techniques applied in the different industries, changes the profile of the candidates or the final consumers, as well as their needs. Businesses grow or fall apart according to their capabilities to adapt to these new challenges. And the most important capital remains the human resource.

In this context, the role of a recruiter becomes essential in seeking and selecting the right human capital. They have adapted to the fast work environment of the 21st century, so the modern recruiter’s portrait differs from that of the past. So what are the essential qualities of an active recruiter today?

The best recruiters have a special ability to fit people looking for a job with a certain open position. We could even say that the best recruiters manage to “match” people with their career. Indeed, this is a rare quality that a recruiter has, being also hard to identify and evaluate. When there is a job vacancy, internal recruiters working within the organizations or recruiting agencies must find the best candidates for the job requirements, preferably as soon as possible.


Recruitment companies are part of an industry that becomes more and more competitive every day. In order to stay in the top, it is necessary that recruiting agencies and recruiters themselves self-evaluate from time to time and ensure that they keep up with the requirements and abilities necessary in this profession. Here are some of the questions that recruiters need to ask themselves to continuously evaluate their work and remain in the top.

  • Do we have a good network of contacts?

Even if we like it or not, sometimes our results can be influenced by the people we know. In order to have exceptional results in recruitment services, it is good to maintain a wide network of contacts relevant to the industries for which the agency recruits.

  • Do we have and maintain our investigative nature? Do we like doing research?

Yes, we go back to research. Investigating and getting information that any recruiter must do before start looking for the best candidate is the key to success in the recruiting process. If you did not understand in detail all the requirements for the position you are recruiting, the context of the role and the department in which the new candidate will be integrated, finding a good match will be very difficult.

  • How do we use recruitment channels?

Recruiting channels may vary from year to year, from one position to another or from one industry to another. If for some positions, a simple posting of a recruitment announcement on a recruiting site is sufficient, other positions will require different channels or approaches.


Besides all these, experience is another factor that makes a great job recruiter.

A professional behavioral health staffing recruitment agency has years in the business, thousands of candidates placed as well as a great deal of information about the companies they have worked with and their standards regarding the employees. Experience allows professional recruiters to identify your needs and make the best recommendations for your job vacancy.