What Can You Do To Afford The Cost Of A Veterinary Hospital Visit?

Responsible pet owners do not only adopt and create a safe living environment for their little companions, but they also do the best they can to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time, causing injuries, not to mention that pets may develop unexpected illnesses – some of them chronic, incurable, that require long-time or even permanent treatments.

The cost of a veterinary hospital visit is typically high, not necessarily because veterinarians have high fees, but because there are many costly things involved (specialists, equipment, working weekends and holidays in the case of emergencies etc.). For those who do not understand yet how much money would they need to take out of their pocket for emergency care, here are some guidelines:

  • The pet has been hit by a vehicle: > $5500
  • Urethral obstruction in cats: > $2500
  • Toxin ingestion causing severe problems: > $6000
  • Pancreatitis in dogs: > $3000
  • Heatstroke: > $4000
  • Gastrointestinal surgery due to eating a foreign object: > $3000

And the examples can go on. Some Baltimore veterinary clinic services may have lower price tags, but others have higher ones. Given these circumstances, it is very important to consider making a financial plan, just to be prepared in case that something unfortunate happens and you need money to take proper care of your pet. Being financially prepared is just as important as being emotionally prepared.

Your options for financial planning

  • Save some money

This is probably the simplest option if you can afford it. You can create an account dedicated to pet care savings, but make sure that your contribution rate is high enough to cover the worst scenario

  • Use your credit card to make a short-term loan, especially if you experience immediate need for money, but keep in mind that you will have to pay your debt every month otherwise you risk to reach your limit and your card will be declined when you need it
  • If you do not have a credit card, you can also think about a third-party credit/ health care line, if you think you can deal with the required monthly payments
  • Ask help from friends or family

… but only if you are sure that you can pay them back, otherwise you risk to cause very uncomfortable situations and strain your relationships with those who supposed to be your close ones

  • Get pet insurance

Find the best insurance company for your needs and get a good policy as soon as possible, as this is the best option that provides you peace of mind

  • Donate money to local veterinary hospitals or pet charity funds. This way, you can help other pet owners to afford proper care for their pets and also get help with a part of the emergency care for your own pet

What if you make no plan?

No plan means a lot of risks. The worst scenario is that you may be forced to choose the cheapest care option for your pet (that may not be enough to save his life) or even euthanasia. Remember that the worst things tend to happen at inopportune times, and this is why forethought is so important and responsible.

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