What can Breckenridge wedding planners do for you?

There are still many people out there who do not really know what does a wedding planner do and why is it so important to hire one instead of organizing the wedding yourself. Of course, the need of being completely involved in the organization of your special day is perfectly understandable, but you also need the time for enjoyment and bliss instead of being constantly stressed over every detail. So… why not getting a little professional help, just to have the peace of mind that everything will go smoothly?

That’s why Breckenridge wedding planners exist.

About the planning services offered…

It all starts with an initial consultation with the planner, during which the clients communicate their vision and ideas and learn about the service packages available and what is included in each of them.

Typically, there are pre-wedding services (managing the budget, venues, vendors etc.), as well as services specific for the day of the wedding itself. It is not an obligation to pay for both of them, only for the type that you need, so let`s learn to make the difference between then.

  • Pre-wedding services

A Breckenridge wedding planner hired to take care of the wedding preparations has as first responsibility lto look over the contracts for the hired vendors and contact them about a week before the wedding, to provide them a detailed timeline about each event that they are a part of and make sure that the preparations are up to date. The planner is also in charge of the wedding rehearsal, which is a good chance to organize everyone and schedule the last details.  Mountain weddings are some of the prettiest weddings.

Not least, pre-wedding services may also include everything related to the printed materials: wedding invitations, programs, menus, place cards, welcome letters etc.

  • Services on the wedding day

On the wedding day, the organization must start as soon as possible, so the planner should arrive early and supervise vendor set-up, provide information about the overall development of the event and about the way the important moments must be treated by all those involved in them. It is the planner`s duty to ensure that everything goes according to the client`s vision. She will also distribute the personal flowers and ensure that everybody if fulfilling their responsibilities and is being treated properly. Keeping all these things under control will enable the bride & groom to fully enjoy their day, instead of constantly chasing after vendors.

The planner must keep the wedding moving, so after the ceremony, she will direct the guests to the reception venue, organize the photo session and make sure that everything else related to the party is on the schedule. The duty of a planner doesn`t end when everyone clears out; she still has to secure the wedding gifts and the clients` personal property in a storage room or send them home with a car.

Turning the magic of a special day into reality is a very challenging task and the answer to the question “What can Breckenridge wedding planners do for you?” is always different since every wedding is unique.