A Quick Guide to Jewelry Stores – Denver, CO Jewelers and Their Specialties

Whatever style and price range you are looking for with the jewel you are planning to buy, you will surely find what you are looking for in one of the jewelry stores Denver CO gives home to. However, if you have already taken even the quickest look at the jewelry stores in the Mile-High City, you are surely astonished by the number of available shops and by the variety of their profiles. To help you narrow the list of the jewelers to visit, here is a short guide about how to pick the jeweler that is reliable and carries the jewels that match your requirements.

Store Types

Not all jewelry stores offer all styles and types of jewels. The stores that you will find in large malls or stores that belong to a large chain or a franchise probably carry moderately sized and priced inventories – the items that they offer are beautiful, but don’t expect unique or high-end pieces. For those unique or very special pieces you can turn to family-owned, main-street stores (they usually design and create jewelry as well) or to boutique shops – while the former category of shops usually offers classic pieces in a very wide price range, from affordable items to pieces that require a serious investment, boutique shops offer the same variety in terms of pricing, but they usually carry some contemporary pieces created by well-known contemporary artists and lines of jewels that feature the same style.

If you are looking for estate, vintage or antique jewelry, you should turn to dealers that specialize in such classic items. The difference between the three types of pre-owned jewelry consists in their age – antique pieces are over a century old, estate jewelry is a couple of decades old and vintage pieces come from the period between the two other categories.

Check for Services

Some jewelry stores provide additional services, such as adjustments, cleaning, polishing, plating, appraisals, jewelry repair Denver and restoration, while others don’t. If you need those services, look for a main-street store or for a boutique shop – most shops located in malls focus on selling and they don’t offer repair services or not right on the spot (they may collaborate with repair facilities, which means that they will accept jewels for repair, but they will send the items to the facility to get the work done).


The warranty offered on the jewel that you buy is very important, so make sure to pick a jeweler that backs up your piece with solid warranty, especially if the jewel is expensive.

Personal Impressions

Buying a piece of jewelry is not only a financial decision, but an emotional one as well. Listen to your gut instinct when you walk into a store and you talk to the jeweler – you need not only an expert who has excellent tastes and can explain the technical aspects of the piece in front of you, but also an expert who listens to your description of what you want and who is able to select the best-suited items from the thousands of items in the shop’s inventory.